Tuileries Ferris Wheel and Louvre, Night Reflections

The purpose of “Impressions Travelogue” is to explore the world and then share my experiences with you. It was born of my burning desire to travel the globe and record what I see, hear, smell, taste, and feel…In short, it’s a blog about my “Impressions”!
In this travel-photography blog, I’ll share stories and photos and give you information about transportation, accommodations, money, itineraries, photography, walks, popular tourist attractions as well as places off the beaten track. I’ll include inspirational quotes and musings, and I’ll recommend books which I think would be perfect travelling companions, especially for specific countries or cities. My hope is that you will feel you are travelling along with me (and sometimes with my daughter, or another friend, but most often just with me). Please join me on these adventures, and then please share your “Impressions” of this great and vast and endlessly fascinating planet on which we live!